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right off the top tonight a gunman walks into a rite aid and shoots a worker. d.c. police don't know why. it's the second time an employee at that same store has been shot this year. fox 5's will thomas starts us off. >> two shootings at the same store since april, the one la night police need your help and they have just released video you're about to see. the other shooting, once again another employee was targeted. the crimes as you can imagine left a lot of people including those employees very worried. this is a man d.c. police want off the streets. it's only a few frames of video showing him walking into this northeast rhode island avenue rite aid sunday night at 9:30. what he's accused of doing next is why detectives aren't wasting any time releasing it. police say he strolled in wearing a surgical mask and just shot an assistant manager in both legs. >> there's no reason for the shooting that we know of.
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it does not appear to be a robbery. we don'ten. >> reporter: a violent unprovoked crime at a place that was open with customers all around. >> they need to keep security in here, armed security. >> i will probably building a little bit more aware of what's going on around me. >> just seems to be quite frequent that something happens at this rite aid. >> reporter: police didn't say there's a frequency of crime here, but they've been here before for a recent shooting. april 13th a different man walked into the same northeast rite aid and shot the pharmacy manager at the time. the motive? robbery. an arrest was made and the case is closed. the victim, 31-year-old albert mcduffie, survived but just barely. the father of two children left paralyzed. his brother previously spoke with fox 5 and spoke about forgiveness. >> at this time there isn't enough room in our heart and our lives for hate. >> again two employees at the same rite aid shot five months
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apart. in last night's shooting police tell us they have no indication robbery was the motive. we're told the store employs security guards, but they are not armed. we'll post our story on so you can go back, look at that surveillance video again, just a few frames, but a tip from the public helped police identify the gunman in the april case. perhaps this will happen again. the news edge on maryland a plea from prince george's county police tonight to help solve the murder of a 17-year- old girl from kettering. amber stanley was shot and killed in her home on chartsey street 2 1/2 weeks ago. detectives don't have a morph or suspect. this evening officers -- motive or suspect. this evening officers held a meeting to try to get more information on the case. >> we need help. we need the community to pull together and get this person or persons, whoever did this horrendous murder that killed my baby, my baby girl. >> detectives are asking anyone who may have seen or heard
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anything unusual the night of august 22nd to contact prince george's county police, call the tip line. police are offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. developing news from chicago on the first teacher strike in a quarter century, late this evening the school board president announced the strike won't be resolved. schools will be closed a second day. the union and board failed to reach a new contract agreement after months of negotiations. the main dispute over teacher evaluations and job security. chicago is the third largest city in the country. radiation detectors have been an essential piece of equipment in the war on terror for quite some time installed in metro stations, airports, harbors. now montgomery police plan to wear the devices on their belts. fox 5's paul wagner with the story. >> reporter: if you glanced at sergeant kevin parker as he walked through rockville metro station, you would likely have no idea he was wearing a radiation detection device, a
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sensor so sophisticated medical patients can set it off. >> it not only can detect radiation, but it can differentiate between everyday radiation, medical patients from radiation that could be potentially used by a terrorist, somebody willing to do harm against us. >> reporter: in a demonstration sergeant parker and officer chris bore showed how the device will react if it comes in contact with radiation. >> this will be what radiation source comes near the detector. you can see the red lights flashing. it's vibrating in the sergeant's hand and shows the change in the radiation level with this check source. once i move it farther away you'll see the reading has gone down. >> reporter: the devices have been in use now for a few months in the county and have detected more than a few suspicious situations. >> we have had alarms go off and on each case the officers were able to determine the source as not being a threat. >> reporter: but the portable
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devices are only used to alert the police. another more sophisticated device is used to analyze the material being detected. >> i can also go to a screen. it will give us an opportunity to identify what the source is. >> reporter: police say this device can download the information that's detected onto a laptop where it can be sent via the internet to lane for further analysis. police plan to use the portable devices when large crowds have gathered like at golf tournaments and fairs. montgomery county police acquired approximately 40 of these portable units through a federal grant. in addition to using them around metro rail stations some have been given to the motor carrier unit to make checks on trucks and other vehicles. in the fox 5 newsroom, i'm paul wagner. tomorrow marks the 11th anniversary of the september 11th attacks. defense secretary leon panetta stopped by the flight 93 memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania today.
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the memorial pays tribute to the 40 pangs and crew members that lost their lives -- passengers and crew members that lost their lives. vice president joe biden will visit the memorial tomorrow. a remembrance event will be held at pentagon tomorrow morning only open to family members of those who died there and a commemoration ceremony at ground zero. president obama's campaign collected 114 million bucks last month, raising more money than rep challenger mitt romney who raised just 111 million in august. political analysts expect the obama campaign will use some of its money on ads and to pay staff in the battle ground state. mitt romney was campaigning in ohio, told supporters in plans feel the economy won't turn around if -- mansfield the economy won't turn around if president obama is reelected. >> i think forewarned is a better term. we'd see more years of high unemployment if he were
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reelected. we'd see more years of massive deficits. we'd see more years of almost no wage growth in this country. >> romney also attacked the president's record on defense saying he's been a weak president. monitoring metro tonight, more money troubles. metro just raised fares to make up for a budget shortfall. officials are looking ahead to 2014 projecting a $27 million deficit. the reason? metro is facing increased healthcare and pension costs and the added costs of opening the silver line. metro riders don't have as many broken escalators. the escalators were available 90% of the time as of june. with 580 act of laters that means if i -- escalators that means 58 could be out of service. coming up on the news edge apple expected to unveil the much anticipated i-phone 5, how to cash in on your old one, what you need to know.
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new details tonight about those apple ids stolen and post yond line last week. a hacker group called anti sec claim the data was stolen from an fbi laptop.
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the fbi rejected that claim. a florida company has come forward and said the data was stolen from one of its computers. orlando based bowed toes is the company. it's a moment you've all been waiting for perhaps. wednesday apple is expected to unveil the new iphone 5. with that comes the inevidentable question what to do with your old iphone? >> reporter: the value of your used iphone depends on what kind of condition it's in. as long as the screen is few. scratches, the back can have a few but no water damage. >> a lot of people want to know is it safe to sell your phone? >> it is safe to sell your phone. i would recommend that you take the sim card out because the sim guard and the gps which is at&t phones that holds your credit card and account information. >> reporter: verizon and sprint customers would have to take their iphones into a store and have them deactivate the sim card. there are a number of websites you can use to sell your used
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iphone. is one they recommend. if you go for a quick sale on the internet, you won't get full value. if you sell it yourself on amazon or ebay, you are more likely to get the top end of your phone's value, but it requires a lot of work from you. should you even be selling your iphone? how about just keeping it? >> what's your family situation? do you have a kid you want to give a phone to? that would be a great time to pass a phone down. right now i know sprint just announced a new family plan. i think at&t has one that everyone can share data now. >> that was doug evans reporting. the iphone 5 rumored to have a larger screen, redesigned dock connector and improved camera and is expected to include both hardware and software upgrades. godaddy has been hacked again, the web hosting company reporting it was hacked causing millions of websites to be shut down. the person claiming to be a member of the hacker group
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anonymous taking responsibility, the 2nd massive outage by godaddy domain users. hundreds of customers were affected by a breach in the spring. a popular toy store hoping the technology bandwagon will bring them some cash. shawn yancey has your fox 5 top five. >> no. 5, the tablet called tabia will be sold for $150 loaded with child friendly apps. parents will be able to customize age limit controls. it will hit store shelves in october. no. 4, children of mothers with postpartum depression were 48% more likely to be short. the reason? maternal depression is hitchinged to poor feeding practices, shorter breastfeeding duration and increased stress in children, all of which can affect a baby's growth. no. 3, more cracks found on the brand-new intercounty connector in maryland. inspectors found one of the cracks in the bridge over route 29 and briggs chaney and one on a ramp in that same area.
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similar cracks were found in three other bridges earlier this year. no. 2, express lanes on the beltway are about to open up in northern virginia. you'll need pan ez pass. soon -- an ez pass. soon you'll be able to buy them from giants, wegmans and aaa. no. 1, a holeup for the new taxicab meter system in -- holdup for the new taxi cab meter system in d.c. the new meter system will offer credit card readers and satellite navigation in every cab and that's tonight's fox 5 top five. >> we had to go through a lot to get to today, but finally cooler weather. >> it was pretty dramatic. i know you saw those storms coming in up in baltimore inner harbor. check this out. >> how about that. >> it looks like a special effect from a movie. >> it does have a funny filler, but it pulls out the detail.
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it's really it looked like. >> i was at the nats game. we were at the top of 9th and i was watching the fox 5 weather app and said let's go and we went running because we saw the curtain of black coming across. we got on the ground dry but not to the car. those were some violent storms, not to the level of the derecho but left over 100,000 without power and many funnel reports seen over the course of four hours but no confirmation of any touchdown here. i know they saw him a couple in i think prince george's county and also chantilly. they checked out reston and lorton areas and there were no reports of confirmed tornadoes touching down, but you definitely saw some funnels and i definitely saw rotation. here's what we got in the wake of those violent storms, high temperature today of 77 degrees, boston 69, buffalo 70s. they'll see the leaves changing up there real soon. we still have some heat in the middle part of the country but
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nothing like the triple digits last week. this is a welcome relief, especially for the middle part of the country that has suffered so terribly with high heat and drought conditions. check out the next two days, 78 degrees tomorrow, beautiful, award winning, 82 degrees wednesday, so a little bit warmer but again hard pressed to find any clouds around during the day tomorrow or wednesday. our satellite and radar picture will show you that we didn't see much in the way of clouds today either, but high pressure which is centered not too far from chicago valley ruling all the weather. you can see a few showers through the rockies. that is about it. i'm going to show you temperatures right now, mostly in the 50s, a couple spots in the 60s. it will drop and drop quickly to the 40s or low 50s, want to check on those low temperatures again because you might not want your window ofs open too wide. you could find -- windows open too wide. you could find the furnace clicking on.
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hard to believe we've gone from air conditioning to these cool temperatures in 48 hours, but it is a refreshing change and feels good. 58 degrees is where we'll drop to in the city, under fair skies, upper 40s in the suburbs and another beautiful day tomorrow, sun yes, pleasant, 78 degrees, a little -- sunny, pleasant, 78 degrees, a little below average. temperatures around the region tomorrow, near 70 around leonardtown, 708 degrees in the district, low to mid-70s for our far western and northern suburbs, spectacular day. we only have a couple clouds here and there. swells have been pretty big because of tropical storm leslie racing toward newfoundland about 350 miles away churning up the coast. we also have hurricane michael, not real impressive, but it's still a hurricane and something new the national hurricane center is watching now, this likely will become a tropical storm here either tomorrow or
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the next day. this is about 550, if not 600 miles away. we'll have to watch this one. it might get the name nadine. as we head into september, we still find it pretty active in the tropics. that has not developed yet. it's not a depression. futurecast shows high pressure dominating in the east. what these lines of equal pressure do is makes it hard for showers to hold tomorrow. going forward you can see by thursday it's getting a little closer through the ohio valley and a little moisture tying to work its way into the coast, but our fox 5 accuweather seven really gorgeous days for us. we warm up a little bit by thursday and friday into the mid-80s, saturday a few more clouds, sunday a chance of a couple showers, same thing on monday. so a really beautiful stretch of chamber of commerce weather here in d.c. and how about
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those nats? it was a great game yesterday. i hope they did well today. here's lindsay's sports report. this is the verizon 4g lte sports desk with lindsay murphy. >> gio gonzalez is a character all the time except maybe when he's on the mound. yesterday he made the rookies dress up in leotards like the u.s. women's gymnastic team. there was some stiff winds blowing at citi field. top of the 3rd nats lead 1-0 on a suzuki solo homer. bryce harper off to straightaway for center field. they cleared the .408 mark. gio in a jam. did you see that pitch? it's a filthy breaking pawls. gio goes six, allow -- ball. gio goes six, allows one. not keeping that one in the park, another two-run shot, his
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22nd. nats beat the mets 5-1. gio earns his major league leading 19th victory. >> this couldn't have been done without the defense and offense. a lot of these guys go out there and it feels like they work twice as hard when i'm out there. you appreciate that and realize what's going on. hopefully we'll continue to pile up some more wins. the braves are losing now in the 90 inning. today skins fans are still on cloud 9, but to players it was back to business. nick sundberg is out at least next week and pierre garcon tests his sore foot wednesday. jordan pew has been assigned to replace bernstein. alfred morris was given starting place as running back. he answered the call carrying the ball 28 times for 96 yards with a long of 18. he rushed for two touchdowns and even though the rookie has
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used the underdog role as motivation throughout preseason, is he confident in his ability. -- he is confident in his ability. >> i know what type of guy i am and i'm going to get it done no matter. what as long as i can leave it on the field, i'm happy and i'm ecstatic for the team just because we came in this environment, to come out with a win against this caliber of team is great. >> aled for is our starting run -- alford is or starting running pack. we're going to substitute him we had gets tired -- back. we're going to substitute him when he gets tired. what i've seen in preseason and the first game, he will be our starting running back. >> well deserved. coming up the ravens kick off their season on monday night football against the bengals. ♪
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his defense cuts threaten over one hundred thirty thousand jobs, lowering home values, putting families at risk. the romney plan? tax cuts for middle class families. north american energy independence. create over three hundred forty thousand new jobs for virginia. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approved this message. the redskins got off to a hot start, but could their rivals do the same? the ravens looking to win their at home tonight against the bengals looking to pay tribute to art modell. 2nd quarter ravens lead 10-3, joe flacco drops back, throws a perfect pass down the middle to anquan boldin, 21 of 29, two tds for flacco. 3rd quarter andy dalton's pass
11:25 pm
intercepted, 34 yards on the return for the touchdown. ravens pound the bengals 44-13. u.s. open men's final andy murray facing defending champ novak djokovic. fifth and deciding set murray serving in the near court. murray defeats djokovic 6-2 in the 5th set to finally capture his first grand slam crown. is he the first man from before i -- he is the first man from britain to win a grand slam since 1936. congratulations to perry hills named the acc's rookie of the week. that's all for sports. good night. wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon.
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man's best friend hanging 10 off the coast of san diego. about 80 dogs competed in the annual dog surf-a-thon over the weekend billed as the world's largest dog surfing competition. winners are selected based on their ability to ride the waves, have fun and stay on their boards. in the end a golden retriever named ricochet rode his way to victory. the competition benefits a local animal center. now you have the news edge. news is always on thanks for staying up late with us. be back here tomorrow, hope you will be, too. though open the windows. enjoy the weather. see you. >> fox 5 news isn't over. go to now for news, weather and entertainment updates.
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fox 5 news is washington's best news on air and online at brought to you by verizon 4g lte. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you. this president can tell us it was someone else's fault. but this president cannot tell us that you're better off today than when he took office. [ female announcer ] here in virginia, we're not better off under president obama. his defense cuts threaten over one hundred thirty thousand jobs, lowering home values, putting families at risk. the romney plan? tax cuts for middle class families. north american energy independence.

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